Интервью с фотографом Placebo Матиасом Вилли

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Brian Molko: The Moment After The ShowSaint Placebo Ego начинает новый проект, в рамках которого мы решили пообщаться с известным фотографом Матиасом Вилли. Матиас – автор запоминающейся фотосессии изрядно потрепанного Молко на фоне желтой спец.одежды, будто снятой с сотрудников рыбзавода. Мистер Вилли любезно раскрыл нам некоторые подробности своей работы над «The Moment After The Show» с участием Placebo и других известных музыкантов.

Перевод интервью на русский язык


It's funny that my pictures reached Russia — cool!
By the way: I'm working on a book with the whole series. The release date should be end 2011/beginning 2012. I will keep you up to date about this.

So, your questions:

1. How did the idea of project “The Moment After The Show” appear?
The idea appeared by accident. In 2006 I had to shoot a portrait of Juliette Lewis and I didn't had time to do the photo shoot before her concert. So I did it after the show and I was really happy with the result. I realized that this is a very special moment. I was sure that I had to start a whole project with this idea.

2. Why did you work with rock-musicians at that project? What does music mean to you?
The selection musicians I shot for «The Moment After The Show» shows in a way my personal taste of music. Music means really a lot to me. In my younger days I was singer of a punkrock band...

3. Did musician cooperate willingly for that project?
It really depends but in most cases the musicians really loved the idea. The hard part to deal with are the tour managers, record companies and managers

4. Did mr. Molko agree easily to take part in it? Can you share your impressions of working with him?
Brian Molko was really easy to work with. Mr Molko is a quite sympathic guy. When I entered the backstage area he came to me and told me the he already found a great background for his portrait. So he showed me the place and I was happy with his proposal. He's a very visual guy. I think he studied art in his younger days...

5. How long does it take to make one good shot? Do you remember how much shots you made for mr. Molko and mr. Olsdal?
Normally it will take me just 1-2 minutes. For this project I'm only interested in this short moment just after the concert. I think I took about 8-10 pictures of every musician of Placebo.

6. Can you tell us where you did shot with mr. Molko and whose the yellow overall in the background is?
This shot took place in Zurich/Switzerland, the stadium was «Hallenstadion». I'm not really sure whose rain coats hanging in the background but I think they belong to the road crew.

7. Who is better to work with: musicians, actors or ordinary people?
It depends on the person. It's not important to me if somebody is famous or not.

8. If you haven’t become a photographer what would you do in your live?
Good question but no idea. I'm happy to be a photographer.

9. What are you most proud of in your life? Do you want to change something in it?
This is a difficult question and it's hard to pack the answer in a few words. But all in all I have a good life (knock on wood...)!!

10. If you have only one shot before the end of life, what would you do?
I think I wouldn't take a picture in this situation. In a moment like that I would care about other things...

Thank you for your interest in my work! Please send me the link when the interview is published.

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