Cherchez la femme, or women in Brian's life

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It all starts with love, and this is how our hero was conceived. And the first woman who played a significant role in his life was, undoubtedly, his mother. On 10th of December,1972, in one of Brussels' maternity homes, suffering from birth throes, she gave birth to a small nasally-whining creature, that soon was named Brian. No doubt, that the boy was cherished and well-fostered, loved and often praised. Or else how would he have gained so many ambitions, abilities to achieve the desired and such belief in himself? Talking about believes. While living with Brian alone (Brian's elder brother stayed with his father after the divorce) she, being a religious person, tried to cultivate Brian's love to God and to different sorts of religious rituals. As any other child, Brian completely trusted his mother. He went to church with her, prayed, participated in religious seminars, showing his leader skills even back then. It all came up to that point when his mother saw Brian as a faithful priest in her dreams. But they all crashed down with the beginning of puberty.
Brian's belief didn't make it through pubescence's pressure and cracked. From this crack a thoughtful Brian appeared — the one who had doubts, Brian-philosopher, rebel, creator. The relationship with mother was spoiled for many upcoming years, and her heart was broken. It was the first woman's heart that had suffered due to its love to Brian. But whatever he says about his relationship with mother, whatever he blames her for, whichever lyrics he writes about her, we know that there wouldn't be such Brian without such mother.
Meanwhile the hormones were racing in Brian's blood, demanding love. His first love remains unknown, but Brian spoke about his first sexual experience in his interviews many times. . His partner was a 16-year old French girl Carol. There's no doubt, that she was a short brunette, smart and lively, and, maybe, looked like a tomboy — this is a description Brian usually gives when talking about his preference in women. But actually 14-year old boys, when it happens, usually don't care who responds to their courting. Taking into account Brian's inclination to theatricality, we can easily suggest that it all was happening in quite a romantic way. Gentle music, his parents' bed, long kisses. It was the first experience for both, and it left quite a nice trace in Brian's soul. We hope, Carol was just as lucky.
However, we must assume that somewhere between his birth and first love relationship there was one more woman next to Brian: it might be a Malaysian babysitter, who used to bathe Brian and put him to bed, while his mother was engrossed into religious things, or a kind Japanese neighbour who stroke Brian's head and gave him a candy whenever she met him. It's easy to assume, but difficult to guess who influenced Brian so strongly, who was that lady that was the reason of Brian's faithful passion for Asian women and his loyal love for the East in general.
So, Brian grew up, decided on his priorities, and began to make his musical career, shocking society with his misbehaviour and appearance and bombarding the media with his bisexuality and bad habits' confessions. But still his private life was carefully hidden. Only due to rare mentions in the media and rumours one could guess that Brian wasn't as licentious as he said he was. For instance, there were rumours about his long-lasting relationship (for about 2 years) with a talented actress and model Lisa Walker. His break-up with her (imagine, it was she who dropped him) developed into heart-rendering lyrics of «Without you I'm nothing».

Lisa Walker
Caroline FinchThere were rumours about Brian's affair with Caroline Finch, also known as Severe Loren, a lead singer and guitarist of «Linoleum». She even participated in «Black Market Music» recording. Though it is unclear whether she was invited to work on it because she was a Brian's girlfriend or it was an office romance, that started during the recording of the album. Anyway, we can hear Caroline's voice in songs «Taste in Men» and «Special K».

The next on the list of probable relationships is a romance with another sexy dark-haired French model and also a not very successful rock-diva Benedicte Vian. Her band «Melatonine»'s fame couldn't overshadow her fame for the relationship with Brian. Benedicte Vian

However, the most crucial romance Brian had with a photographer Helena Berg. She worked on the covers for singles from «Sleeping with ghosts». But who she was and how she won Brian's heart will probably maintain a mystery.

Helena BergMaybe, Helena appeared during a difficult period of his life, gave him a chance to relax and became a person he could rely on, or, maybe, it was she who made this period of life difficult for Brian. He looked terrible at that time: dirty hair, crazy look, always with a glass in his hand and a tiny Asian woman next to him.

Brian and HelenaAnd who could have thought that this relationship would last for so long and, moreover, would be blessed with a child's birth? Though unplanned, but not a little less loved and anticipated due to it, Cody was born in October 2005. His parents lived together for a few more years. Their break-up was officially announced in 2009. Brian probably maintains friendly relations with Helena, as there was nothing in the media concerning fights for the child's guardianship.
A separate category is those women whom Brian admires and worships without any desire to get into their beds. However, who knows, he expressed such a desire towards Asia Argento. This enticing Italian starred in a video «This Picture» and recorded Serge Gainsbourg's " Je T’Aime Moi Non Plus” with Brian. He adores her and never gets tired of repeating it. He even forgave her those 23 songs written especially for her film that merciless Asia rejected, thus having deprived the film of undoubtedly great music and fans of the chance to enjoy it.Asia Argento
And, of course, one shouldn't forget Brian's favourite singer — Polly Jean Harvey, the frontwoman of a British alternative band «PJ Harvey». Brian was conquered with her talent (in this case it's hard to suspend an underlying sexual reason, though we can't deny a certain charm and zest of hers). For many years she remains an idol for Brian, and, perhaps, right now, sitting in a quiet place and listening to «Dry» — one of his favourite albums — Brian is dreaming about their yet-to-happen collaboration.

PJ Harvey
Oh, women... An endless list of those who played a significant role in Brian's life, made him happy with their love, friendship, care.
Alex Weston — the permanent manager of his band since its very first days. She manages all the affairs, goes on endless tours, endures Brian's difficult character. And she's still, just like 15 years ago, a nice and smiling person.

Alex Weston
Brix Smith-StartBrix Smith-Start — a guitarist and vocalist, who became famous thanks to being in the bands «The Fall» and «The Adult Net». Now she and her husband own a chain of clothes shops. Not for once Brian wore jeans of her brand during shows. For many years they've been neighbours and close friends.
Brian speaks of Brix only positively, confesses his love for her, tells about the amazing time spent with her and even endures her pugs on his laps.
Fiona Brice, who's been confidently striding next to Brian lately. Their collaboration started when Fiona did arrangements for some songs from «Meds», then she worked on «Battle for the sun», performed with Placebo in Cambodia, and, finally, was invited for a 2-year long «Battle for the sun» tour as a line-up musician. A beautiful woman, a talented musician. Her album «The Separate» was to be released in 2011, and Brian recorded a cover version of «West End girls» by Pet Shop Boys for it. And the latest Brian's hat for shows is most likely to be Fiona's work, as in one of the interviews she hinted that she got orders from groupmates for knitted items.

Fiona Brice
We certainly must not forget about a few more women in Brian's life — faithful, obedient, quickly reacting to his fingers' touches. Their names are like Brian's poetry itself: Goddess, Bertie, Louise, Bitch... Favourite guitars.

Ant the last, but not the least — there is one more woman to mention, who is, probably, not so noticeable now, more veiled, pressured with her parental duty and the burden of the age, but who still every now and then peeps out in the way he looks and holds his cigarette, in his gait. It's the woman inside Brian. The one who would like to be, who is a lesbian, who looks like Audrey Hepburn, who is beautiful and loved not only by him, but by all of his fans as well.

Brian Molko
And only Brian himself knows, how many of them — enticing brunettes, fatal beauties, mysterious women and assisting women, cordial friends, gentle lovers — left a trace in his life. Maybe, one day Brian will feel like telling us about his relationships with them and about the way they changed all his life. And he will put aside his guitar and write a thick book of memoirs, and we'll finally learn how it all was in reality.

Written by Kate Placate

Translated by Ally


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