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Cherchez la femme, or women in Brian's life

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It all starts with love, and this is how our hero was conceived. And the first woman who played a significant role in his life was, undoubtedly, his mother. On 10th of December,1972, in one of Brussels' maternity homes, suffering from birth throes, she gave birth to a small nasally-whining creature, that soon was named Brian. No doubt, that the boy was cherished and well-fostered, loved and often praised. Or else how would he have gained so many ambitions, abilities to achieve the desired and such belief in himself? Talking about believes. While living with Brian alone (Brian's elder brother stayed with his father after the divorce) she, being a religious person, tried to cultivate Brian's love to God and to different sorts of religious rituals. As any other child, Brian completely trusted his mother. He went to church with her, prayed, participated in religious seminars, showing his leader skills even back then. It all came up to that point when his mother saw Brian as a faithful priest in her dreams. But they all crashed down with the beginning of puberty. Read more...

Molko’s Hairstyle Encyclopedia

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We have accumulated quiet a lot of investigations devoted to different aspects of Brian Molko’s life and personality in the library of our Placebo Academy. Every line was put under a microscope, secret weaknesses and women were decoded, hats, shoes, skirts and dresses were critically analyzed. It seems that there is no place where omnipresent fans haven’t peeped in. However, there is one exciting topic left… the topic which is so important for all the fans not indifferent to aesthetics. This story had begun much earlier than Molko took a step to the scene. Because this story started right from his birth, when the first hair appeared on the crown of the small Brian’s head.
Unfortunately, family archives of the star still keep photos of Molko’s babyhood safely hidden from the public attention. We can only imagine tiny Brian with a gentle childish forelock… if his parents shaved his hair according to the would-be scientific theory “for the improvement of hair's growth” or if they simply didn’t interfere with nature is unclear, but, as a result, at the age of three we got a boy who was mistaken for a girl while walking with his mother.
Molko's hair encyclopedia 1Molko himself often tells about that during the interviews:
When I was really young, I used to have really long hair, much longer that it is now, and yeah, I remember walking around Dundee with my mum and we were going to visit my grandmother and her bumping into people that she knew from years ago and they'd say: 'So who's your little girl then?' So it started at that point, when I was about three.” [VOX, June, 1997]
The first references to the famous bob we can see at eight years, at early school age. How this beautiful boy with his careful longish haircut is notable among the other

Mr. Scrooge Molko

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Surely, Mr. Molko, who can't stand any mess, keeps his cloakroom and suitcases in complete order: the clothes are sorted according to their colour, skirts', trousers' and sleeves' length, year of buying or in some other way. As they say, place for everything and everything in its place. But every fan can tell you that it would be so much better if there was a complete mess, and, preparing to go on stage, Brian would put his tiny hand in there and take out the first thing that catches his eyes. Then there would be at least a little chance to see the unforgettable little black dress without sleeves with light stripes alongside the armholes, the knitted jacket from Glastonbury or the sweater with slits on the shoulders from «Pure Morning» video. Because fan society — let's face it — loves to make a fetish of Molko's bygone belongings. But Brian himself isn't indifferent to his old clothes. How can this be explained? It might be a tender nostalgic attachment, as every single piece of clothes reminds him about one or another event of his life (or, to put it in other words, they are the only reason he can remember some events of his life). Some T-shirts and trousers might be his talismans and might bring him good luck. But it's the Jewish blood in Molko's veins that is most likely to be the reason, and he's naturally careful and thrifty. And, as Cicero said: « The best source of wealth is economy». That's why the pieces of Molko's clothes, not to mention shoes, happily move from one tour to another, economizing the owner's money and improving his well-being.
Summer 2004. A tour to support the release of «Sleeping with ghosts» album. A nice dark T-shirt with a glittering print on it is put on over another one, white with long sleeves. When the tour ends, it is washed and put aside. 3 years later in 2007 it is pulled out. A bit deformated and already unfashionable collar is mercilessly, but wisely scissored off. And there you are — a new (as everyone is supposed to think) concert outfit.

Made in China, or Fatal Trunks

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Author: Lady Mo (single)
Co-author and beta-reader: New Model
Pairing: B. Molko (Placebo)/B.Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel), B.Molko/?
Rating: PG-13 — R
Genre: humour, romance/angst
Standart disclaimer: all the coincidences of the names and characters are accidental 🙂 the author respects real Molko, Helena and the whole Tokio Hotel band and wishes them every success in their musical careers.

Top-10 of photo-disasters

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For today's research we tried to collect Brian Molko's 10 worst photos, that could be included into the show "You're not gonna be Paris Hilton's new BFF". From the very beginning we'd like to state that poor photos from official photo shoots and shows were not taken into consideration, because that's an extremely rich source of photo-disasters. Mostly Molko's backstage, autograph-session and unofficial events' photos were selected to our treasure box.


Every You Every Me (live Hoax 1999)

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This is Hoax. And the greatest attraction of it is Brian himself. I have no words to describe all my emotions. Whenever I watch the video I'm always amazed how beautiful those Molkos can be. Honestly. I don't get it=).Now he's making his eyes at you (but it's not that serious, really) he's just a bit dangerous), and now he's rolling his eyes out... I mean, rolling them up... up to the skies... you know, not sure how to explain it, children have such eyes when you show them a bird in the sky. And Brian is also catching such birds, or maybe he has already caught one backstage and touched and... so it's high time we held a competition for the trickiest and the most beautiful eyes-roller. And the victory will be guaranteed for Molko, we can see all the prerequisites. Anyway, it's possible to write a treatise about his appearance, but what about the song? Oh yeah, when such a man sings SUCH a song, your eyes and ears are scattering, you don't know what to concentrate on. I can't say that Brian showed some special vocal skills on Hoax as he didn't sing any arias there, but you'll hear this exact old-time song (with "selfish", with" unkind") that we all love and admire. Of course, if you don't black out due to a person who will shine in his full splendour on the stage.



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According to official report they met at Kerrang Awards afterparty in 1997 exactly as rockstars are supposed to make the acquaintance. By that time one Brian who was famous under the pseudonym Marilyn Manson had time to scare America to its utmost, while another Brian, Molko, was enslaving European continent by his thickly made-up eyelashes, frivolous little dresses and nasal voice provoking venerable and not quite venerable public by ambiguous lyrics.


Touch me, when our passion's through

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I remember how I was lying bleeding and looking in your impudently laughing, cold eyes. I asked, I begged for help, but you were laughing harder, not even thinking about giving me your hand. I was bleeding because of you, because of your strokes. You told me that it would be ok if I died, because I'm nothing without you. I was completely in your power, and you were shaking off the ashes on my hair, pulling my face close to yours you were shaking it off on my lips...


My Sweet Prince (Hurricane Festival 2001)

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"The greatest thing you ever learn is just to love and be loved in return".
Brian Molko.

It's impossible to watch it without tears. The first thing you feel is love. Then it is hurt. After that love is getting mixed with hurt, and only tears are falling down your face. Brian, dear, what's wrong with you? Is it heroin? Probably, it has something to do with heroin, too...


Voice from the dark side

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Steve Hewitt

Boys and girls! If you aspire to play in a rock band, then you'd better listen to what Steve Hewitt, who spent a considerable part of his life in the best musical group on Earth Placebo, has to tell you. Yes, their roads divaricated. And it is, undoubtedly, an appropriate occasion to draw out all the truth, which was forbidden (or, actually, wasn't the truth). So our little content analysis of the interviews (usually reading the first question is enough as the journalists are so original!) allowed us to make a list of advice for beginners (well, and finishers) in music.